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  • What is your policy on COVID?
    In accordance with regulatory guidelines and best practices, I am currently offering all services through secure virtual platforms at this time.
  • What are your fees?
    Fees are set in accordance with the guidelines outlined by the Ontario Psychological Association. Private psychological services are not covered by OHIP. If you have an extended health benefit plan, you may be eligible for either full or partial reimbursement of fees. Payment is due at the end of each session via e-transfer or credit card. I will provide a receipt that can be submitted to your insurance company or retained for income tax purposes.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    There is no specific requirement, as the number of sessions can vary greatly from one person to another. We will determine this together based on your specific needs and goals. Short-term treatment typically consists of 8-12 sessions. Although not always ideal, a shorter length of therapy can be arranged in accordance with financial constraints, if necessary.
  • What can I expect from our first session?
    A first session typically involves a discussion of the challenges or concerns that bring you to therapy, a brief review of your psychological and medical history, psychological assessment of issues or symptoms, as well as a discussion of what you are hoping to get out of therapy. Together, we will formulate a working understanding or ‘roadmap’ of how these aspects fit together. We will then use this to develop your individualized treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals. Sometimes this process takes more than one session, depending on complexity and many other factors. It is common to feel nervous before a first therapy appointment. It is important to me that you feel comfortable during this initial appointment. You do not have to disclose anything that you do not feel comfortable sharing and you are always encouraged to proceed at your own pace.
  • What if I change my mind or I am unhappy with the services I receive?
    You may discontinue services at any time without penalty. You are always encouraged to bring up any questions or concerns with me so that we can address them. Different tools and techniques work for different people. As such, sometimes a change in treatment approach is needed, and this is OK! Alternatively, if you decide that our therapy is not working for you, I am happy to assist in referring to another mental health professional, as appropriate.
  • What is your policy on confidentiality?
    All information that you share with me is kept strictly confidential, in compliance with health and privacy laws in Ontario. You are the custodian of your personal health information. I will not share any of your information without your explicit consent. Sometimes you may wish to share information about any diagnoses or presenting problems with your family doctor, or you may wish for me to consult with other medical professionals who are involved with your care. Should this occur, we will discuss the type and nature of information that you wish to be shared, and anything that you would not want me to share. There are some limits to confidentiality, involving risk of harm to self or others, legal process, and regulatory requirements. A full list of the limits to confidentiality can be viewed here.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Please note that your scheduled appointment time is reserved just for you. A 24-hour no show/ cancellation policy is in effect. If this notice is not provided, you will be charged for the missed or canceled appointment.
  • How do I get started? Do I need a referral?
    Simply contact us via the referral form or email us at You do not need a referral to access services.
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